Hello users,

Thanks for looking into this space. We are proud to announce you our WhatsApp broadcast,


  1. We will share model specific deals only customised for your phone model, or requirement. For eg: You have an iPhone 7, you will get product news and info for iPhone 7 Only.
  2. We will also share new launches so that you don’t have to visit site for latest updates.
  3. Minimum messages, yes, we won’t spam you with 100s of messages. It will be around 2 or 3 messages a week. We respect your privacy and your personal space.
  4. Unsubscribe Anytime. Just message us back and we will remove you from the lists
  5. Privacy: Please note that we will be messaging you individually and we will not be sharing your number with anyone or with any customers.


Benefits of WhatsApp Group joining

  1. Be upto date with latest news and trends, Amazing product Videos and product model application. We will also share product tutorials.
  2. Get exclusive deals for ShoppingCardio, available nowhere.
  3. Get Freebies and trial products for FREE
  4. Spam Free notifications on fingertips


How to Join?

  1. Add our Number +91-8851627448 in your phonebook and name it as “ShoppingCardio Whatsapp”. Note: If you dont save, you will not receive any messages from us.
  2. Message us on the number your model number from your official phone with name. Eg “iPhone 6 Plus, Vinay Rajput”
  3. Wait for our team to add you to the existing lists.
  4. Get our weekly messages


How to Unsubscribe?

Message us your request on WhatsApp group/number, with the number to remove, we will remove the same ASAP. Also mention your phone model, as we need to remove you from the lists too.


Lastly, Welcome to our exclusive family. We are very happy to see you here.